Philadelphia: Fox Chase Cancer Center, the University of Pennsylvania and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Dr. Mary B. Daly, Principal Investigator

Mary B. Daly, M.D., Ph.D. is Chair of the Department of Clinical Genetics, and Timothy R. Talbot Jr., Chair for Cancer Research at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. Dr. Daly’s focus is women’s health, and she is the Founding Director of the Margaret Dyson Family Risk Assessment Program evaluating preventive approaches to breast and ovarian cancer. This program now known as the Risk Assessment Program also includes prostate, gastrointestinal, lung and melanoma prevention and risk assessment. Her primary areas of research include the epidemiologic and genetic aspects of breast and ovarian cancer, and the translation of this information into effective cancer control approaches.

Dr. Daly has initiated studies of ovarian cancer screening modalities, quality of life after prophylactic surgery and serum biomarkers of breast cancer risk. As Principal Investigator of the Philadelphia Breast Cancer Registry, she is collaborating with institutions worldwide to study the patterns of familial breast and ovarian cancer, gene-environment interactions, and the development of novel, genetic-based therapeutic and preventive strategies. Dr. Daly is the Co-Director of the Fox Chase Cancer Center Keystone Program in Personalized Risk and Prevention. Its goal is to bridge the gap between Fox Chase’s current clinical programs in family risk for cancer and basic prevention research programs to decrease cancer incidence and mortality.


Dr. Angela Bradbury, Co-Principal Investigator

Dr.  Bradbury received her MD from The Medical University of South Carolina in 1999. She completed an internship in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, her residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Medical Oncology at the University of Chicago. Her fellowship included specialized training in cancer genetics and breast oncology, and she completed a Medical Ethics fellowship at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics. Dr. Bradbury is Medical Oncologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She continues to care for patients with breast cancer and patients and families at increased risk for cancer.

Dr. Bradbury has been conducting translational genetic research focused on the clinical implementation of genetic medicine to promote the health of individuals, families and communities since 2003. Her primary research program has focused on evaluating parental communication of BRCA1/2 test results to children and young adults in hereditary cancer families and the risks and benefits of testing children for adult onset genetic predisposition. She has also been conducting research evaluating knowledge and perceptions of breast cancer risk in adolescent girls, ethical issues in pediatric biobanking, telephone and telemedicine delivery of genetic services and patient preferences for informed consent and privacy with emerging genetic and genomic tests.


Dr. Lisa A. Schwartz, Co-Investigator

Lisa A. Schwartz, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Psychologist for the Cancer Survivorship Program. Dr. Schwartz studies the adaptation and health of youth affected by cancer and their families. Specifically, she examines developmental, health, and psychological outcomes, as well as health behaviors and engagement in health care.

Most of Dr. Schwartz research focuses on adolescents and young adults (AYAs), both on and off treatment, with an emphasis on facilitating optimal transition to adulthood and adult-based health care for this vulnerable population. Dr. Schwartz’s research includes descriptive, measurement development, and intervention designs.



Colleen B. Sands, MPH, Project Manager

Colleen Burke Sands, Project Manager of the Legacy Girls Study in Philadelphia, has a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Penn State University and a Masters in Public Health from Temple University. She has collaborated with Dr. Daly in writing Breast Cancer Risk and Ovarian Cancer Risk booklets and in producing an educational CD called Hereditary Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer. She is currently Project Manager on several of Dr. Bradbury’s studies evaluating communications in families about genetic testing for hereditary cancers and knowledge and perceptions of breast cancer risk in adolescent girls. Outside the office, Colleen enjoys hiking and biking with her family, playing pickle-ball, and following the Phillies and Women’s Professional Soccer.


Patrick Sicilia, Study Coordinator

Patrick Sicilia joined the Legacy Girls Study in the early summer of 2011, about a year after he graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Patrick first joined Fox Chase Cancer Center volunteering in the Risk Assessment Program and later became a research assistant on Dr. Bradbury’s studies. Now at the University of Pennsylvania, Patrick is responsible for coordinating study visits for Legacy Study participants. Patrick is also a liver transplant recipient, and is one of the oldest transplants recipients to go without rejection since he was transplanted (7 months after birth). Outside of work Patrick spends most of his time playing in bands as well as recording and producing them out of a studio he runs with friends.



Eliana S. Butler, B.A.

Eliana Butler recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Boston University. Eliana is now the Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Schwartz in the Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Eliana provides research support for Dr. Schwartz’s projects, including data management and analysis, research dissemination, working with research participants, and managing study logistics. She plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.



Dare Henry-Moss

Dare Henry-Moss is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and minor in Philosophy. Dare has worked in research with adolescents and adults around the topics of neighborhoods, housing, safety, pregnancy, reproductive health, decision-making, communication, and breast cancer knowledge and perceptions. Dare works on several other studies with Dr. Bradbury, including the LEGACY sister study SOFT (Study of Female Teens), a study on patient perceptions of “learning health systems,” and a study looking at improving screening for breast cancer among women at high risk.
Outside of work, Dare enjoys gardening, travel, cooking, needlework, advocacy, taking classes, and hanging out with her family.



Kelsey Karpink

Kelsey Karpink received her B.A. in Psychology from Penn State University in 2013, and joined Dr. Bradbury’s research team at the University of Pennsylvania later that year. Along with the Legacy Girls study, Kelsey works on another of Dr. Bradbury’s projects speaking with girls and their mothers about their knowledge of and experiences with breast cancer, as well as how families communicate about risk. She is preparing for graduate work in Psychology and hopes to teach and design her own research in the future. Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys traveling and spending time outside.







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