LEGACY Favorites

Get to know your fellow LEGACY girls! Here is a compilation of favorite activities, movies, music, and books from our wonderful group of girls!


We would love to hear from more girls about their favorites, and add them to this list! To share your favorites, please email legacygirlsstudy@columbia.edu. All responses will be anonymous! 


Favorite Movies: 

My Little Pony, Annie Captain America, Pitch Perfect (x2), Mean Girls, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Star Wars, Harry Potter

Favorite Books: 

Harry Potter, Divergent, Charlotte's Web, Unlikely Friendship of Animals, Twilight, The Little Princess, Scout in Puppy Place

Favorite Music: 

Rock, Pop, Musicals, Country Folk

Favorite Summer Activity: 

Summer Camp was the most popular summer activity, followed by sports, arts & crafts and swimming! 





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