LEGACY is starting optical breast spectroscopy (OS) in girls age 10 and above at all five study sites

LEGACY is starting optical breast spectroscopy (OS) for girls age 10 and above at all five study sites!  OS is a non-invasive procedure that shines a light on breast tissue so that we can learn how the breast is growing inside by looking at the amount of water, fat, muscle and blood in the breast tissue.  We will use the information from the light test to compare breast tissue characteristics in girls of different ages and to learn how breast tissue characteristics change as the girls get older and how they are influenced by lifestyle and other factors.  

OS (or "light test") was selected because it is safe for use in adolescent girls, it does not hurt, and it can be completed in 10-15 minutes.  The light test will take place in a private room.  Like other parts of the study, OS is optional.  If you are 10 years or age or older, you may be asked by your LEGACY interviewer about completing OS at your next LEGACY Girls Study visit.  This is an exciting new phase of the study that will help us learn valuable information about breast development. We look forward to speaking with you about OS and answering any questions that you have at your next visit.  Thank you to all of the LEGACY girls that have already completed OS.

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