Join LEGACY Girls

The LEGACY Girls Study is enrolling 6 to 13 year old girls and their parent/guardian.  The purpose of this research is to study how lifestyle, environment, and biology affect growth and development of young girls and teens. We are recruiting girls from families with breast cancer histories and girls without. We hope to learn how these factors affect health later in life. We meet with the girls and their parent/guardian twice a year for up to five years for updates and body measurements. Daughters in the study are asked to provide a blood, saliva, and urine sample at some of these meetings. These repeat samples and updates will allow us to measure changes during childhood and the teen years. Each phase of the study is voluntary, and parents/guardians can be present for all parts of the visit.

Five research sites from North America are collaborating on this project:

  1. Cancer Prevention Center of California, Fremont, CA
  2. Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto Ontario, Canada
  3. Columbia University Medical Center , New York, NY
  4. Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
  5. Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City, UT

All five sites, working together, plan to recruit 900 girls to participate in this exciting and new research project with their parent/guardian.


  • What the study is
  • Why they should participate
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  • What do I have to do?