Legacy Girls Visits:Philadelphia

1. WHERE do LEGACY visits take place?

      Both baseline and follow-up visits of the LEGACY Girls Study take place at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  There are two possible locations: 

  • Outpatient Building (3550 Market Street, 4th floor, ask the receptionist for access). This is our usual location for weekday appointments. Click here for directions.
  • Main Hospital (34th Street and Civic Center Blvd, 7th floor, Suite 7035). This is our usual location for Saturday appointments. Click here for directions.

You can also take public transportation.

Study staff will let you know the location of your visit and will send materials to confirm and direct you to the location.

2.  WHEN do LEGACY visits take place?                       

Because we value your time, and understand that your family is busy, LEGACY appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Once you have checked your calendar for a date and time that works best for your family please contact us at 215-349-8659 or Patrick.Sicilia@uphs.upenn.edu, to schedule an appointment.

Our visit appointment start times are:

  • Monday through Friday – first appointment: 8:00 AM; last appointment: 3:30PM
  • Select Saturdays starting at 8:00 AM; last appointment: 12 noon.

      We can also schedule visits during many school holidays!


3.   WHAT happens during a LEGACY visit?

After the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a packet in the mail with items for you to review before your study visit. This packet includes the study consent and HIPAA Authorization form for you and your daughter to review, a kit  for your daughter’s first morning urine sample, and either paper copies or a link to questionnaires that can be completed at home before the appointment.

At your first LEGACY visit, a member of the LEGACY Team will meet with you and your daughter(s).  The first thing we will do is review the consent/HIPAA Authorization form, and answer any questions that you and your daughter(s) may have before asking you to sign the form.

Your daughter’s participation involves:

  • Collection of a first morning urine sample at home;
  • Body measurements (foot size, weight, height, hip, waist, and percent body fat);
  • Collection of a small blood sample or saliva sample;
  • Daughters 10 years or older will complete two questionnaires (one on puberty and development, and the other on health behaviors, knowledge, and feelings).

Your participation involves:

  • Completing questionnaires on your daughter’s birth weight and length, her exercise history, her pubertal development, your family’s cancer history, and health behaviors, knowledge and feelings. You may complete these before the visit if you choose to do so;                              
  • Collection of a saliva sample;
  • An in-person or telephone interview about your daughter’s health, medical history, and family environment;
  • If you like your first LEGACY visit, we ask that you share our contact information with a friend, family member, or colleague with a daughter between the ages 6-13 years who might also be interested in participating in the LEGACY Girls Study.

4.  Compensation/reimbursement:

Parents are reimbursed for travel expenses.

- A unique educational experience, teaching how a research study is conducted and why her participation is so important.
- Activities to keep her, and her siblings busy during the appointment.
- A gift card at each visit.

  • What the study is
  • Why they should participate
  • Resources
  • What do I have to do?