Legacy Girls Visits:Utah

1.  WHERE do LEGACY study visits take place? 

Study visits are located at 391 Chipeta Way Ste A in Research Park at the University of Utah.  Plan to stay and play in Salt Lake City before or after your study visit.  The Utah Museum of Natural History as well as Red Butte Gardens are located just up the street.  Utah’s Hogle Zoo and This is the Place Monument are in close proximity as well.


6 month follow-up visits will be arranged at your convenience at:

  • The LEGACY Girls Study Main Office 391 Chipeta Way Suite A in Research Park at the University of Utah



Utah LEGACY visits offer your daughter:

  • A truly unique educational experience, teaching  how data is collected and the importance of scientific research  
  • IPADS loaded with lots of games and internet access for downtime
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Choice of thank-you gift cards: Barnes and Noble, Smiths, or Target.
  •  High school community service hours.  


2.  WHEN do LEGACY visits take place?    

Appointments are scheduled at your convenience.  We know how busy your family is and value your time.  It’s your choice….check your calendar and book your LEGACY visit when your daughter is out of school (summer, Christmas, school break holiday or Saturday) or just decide to take a break and make it a date for time together doing something good. 
Typically our clinics run: 

  • Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. 
  • Saturday appointments between 10AM – 4:00 PM.
  • After hours arrangements available – just ask!   
  • 801-581-8795 or 801-585-7567, or toll-free at 1-800-716-0499


You can email to make an appointment at your convenience:

3.   WHAT happens during a LEGACY visit?

After the appointment is scheduled you will receive a packet in the mail items for you to review and complete prior to the home visit.  Included will be such things as the study consent and assent forms for you and your daughter and links to on-line self-administered study questionnaires, or hard copies, if preferred. 

The first thing that occurs is that the interviewer will go over the CONSENT/ASSENT Forms with you and your daughter(s) and answer any questions you may have before asking you to sign the forms .
Your daughter’s participation involves:

  • Body measurement (foot size, weight, height, hip, waist, body fat,);
  • Collection of a small blood sample; (optional)
  • Collection of a first morning urine sample;
  • For daughters 10 years or older, two self-administered questionnaires (one on puberty and development and the other on health behaviors, knowledge and feelings).


Your participation involves:

  • An interview about your daughter’s health, medical history, and family environment;
  • Complete self-administered questionnaires (may be completed prior to the visit if you choose to do so) on your daughter’s birth weight and length, her exercise history, her pubertal development, your family’s  cancer history, and health behaviors, knowledge and feelings;
  • Providing contact information of a few families who have daughters aged 6-13 years and might also be interested in participating in the LEGACY Girls Study.



Mother/Guardian participants receive a gift card at each visit.    
Each participating daughter receives a gift card at each visit.


  • What the study is
  • Why they should participate
  • Resources
  • What do I have to do?