Interview with Jyairrah and her mom

A Personal LEGACY Girls Study experience

From Marylin, LEGACY Mom

Why did you decide to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study
Because it is something that I have a great personal interest in. Cancer has touched me personally both with the loss of my mother 26 years ago and because I am a survivor of 8 years. I want to do whatever I can for my daughter’s future.

With young girls involved in many activities, why did you decide to make the LEGACY Girls Study a priority?
I was intrigued by the opportunity to participate in a study with my daughter. I wanted her to be part of learning more about breast cancer and contributing to the possibility of one day preventing or curing it. Our daughters are our future and this is the most important aspect of the study to me.

How was your overall experience with the study appointment?
I thought the appointment went very well. The interviewer did a great job. She was very kind and related well to my daughter and was not pushy. Jyairrah really struggled with the blood draw. She wanted to give a blood sample but was afraid. Ultimately she didn’t do the blood sample this first time, but it was a good experience and she certainly might give blood in the future.

How do you feel about recommending your friends to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study?
I think it is a great idea to include other moms. I provided a list of mothers who might want to participate.  

From LEGACY daughter  (Jyairrah)

Why did you decide to participate in the LEGACY Girls Study?
Because I like to experience different things.

How was your overall experience with the study appointment?
It was fun. And I liked talking to Shanika about what it is like to be a nurse compared to a doctor.

Did you give a blood sample?  Would you be willing to do it again?
I did not give a blood sample this time, but I will next time.

Based on the first visit, do you think you will stay involved for the whole study (5 years)?
Yes, I will.

We gave a Target gift card for the first visit. Are there other types of gift cards you would like to receive in the future?    
I liked the Target card.

  • What the study is
  • Why they should participate
  • Resources
  • What do I have to do?